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We live in times of constant transition, where traditional structures are demolished or loose value, making space for new forms and ideas. With our heads in the clouds and one eye on the watch we make plans how to build bigger, reach higher and speed up, exploiting the environment and utilizing ourselves.  Following the tendency, in this speed, what valuable things do we surpass? The push for ‘growth’ and efficiency seems to contradicts our wish for contemplation, but delay seems a necessity in order to avoid growing pains. 

Via sculptures, installations, collages, I am exploring these tendencies. My work is a result of a visual analyses of this time. I hope to challenge the viewer in questioning his position in the ongoing changes that surround him. 

De tentoonstelling Grounded Desire in Museum Rijswijk gaf voldoende aanleiding om me te richten op het maken van een boek, waarin alle werken die tentoongesteld zijn in Rijswijk zijn opgenomen, en meer.

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