Gebroken wit web

4-12-2015: Solo exhibition ‘Gebroken WIT’, De NWE Vorst, Tilburg

Theatre ‘De NWE Vorst’ welcomes you to the second exhibition in a series curated by Jacki Dodemontová, on Friday, 4th of December, 17h.

Marianne Lammersen shows ‘Gebroken WIT’ (Broken White)

Lammersen is intrigued by the tension between technological development and the maintenance and preservation of human identity. Modern society breathes Bigger, Higher, Faster. Our buildingdrift underlines it and is a result of that. At that same frantic pace we create a world that races away from our human essence. Do we create a world that suits us, or do we have to change ourselves to fit that new world? Can we still relate? Lammersen questions whether technological development is always in line with human development.

Lammersen often uses architectural elements as metaphors to express her concepts. For this exhibition ‘Gebroken WIT’ a selection is made of ‘white’ works with an architectural twist, to question the relationship between these dynamic installations and the monumental white space. How do the impressive plaster ornaments in this room relate to the so often ‘unpolished’ sculptures of Marianne Lammersen?

We hope to welcome you Friday 4th of December, and please feel free to invite friends that are interested to join the opening aswell.

The exhibition is on show from Friday 4th untill Friday 18th of December.
Open: Tuesday – Friday 10.00-12.00 and 13.00-17.00, and always during performances and plays.

See you soon in De NWE Vorst!


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