Library of the future

‘Library of the Future’

Deventer will have a new library. 3 artists and 3 designers have been asked to give their vision on ‘the library of the future’.

My work focusses on the printed book versus ‘the cloud’. More and more information comes to us, via all kinds of screens. Everyone can upload, everyone can share. The cloud of information will grow, but I speak for the book and it’s values of it’s physical presence. The weight, the smell, notes in the margin, the memory of when you received it and where you took it to read. Communication is in development, non-stop, but the book has proved to be of importance, till now, and hopefully in the future, as a strong contra weight of the cloud. In the sculpture, the books are poured in concrete, and literally balances out the bookshelf.

Other participants are: Jean Klare, Bas Kools, and architects Ellen Schild, Fulco Treffers and Daniël Venneman.

The exhibition is open on Saterdays, from 13.00h until 16.00h, at the Stromarkt in Deventer. Location; Bibliotheek van Nieuwsgierigheid (Library of Curiosity)

‘Grounded Desire’ in Multi-Solo, Tetem, Enschede


Grounded Desire has been selected to be part of the exhibition ‘Onrust’ in Tetem, Enschede. Untill 25th of January this exhibition is on show, curated by Edwin Jacobs. Be welcome!

Other participating artists are:
Luuk Bode, Felix & Mumford, Robin Gerris, Jacob, Sophia Janatti, Ruud Lanfermeijer, Elise van der Linden, Ekaterina Mitichkina, Charlotte Mouwens, Anne van de Pals, Charlotte Schrameijer, Ludmilla van der Spoel, Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch en C. A. Wertheim

Collages on show at Gallery Judy Straten, ‘In Store’

6 of my newest collages are on show until the end of January at Gallery Judy Straten, at ‘In Store’.

On the 31st of January, 19h. the exhibition ‘Images are the New Thinking’ of Patrick Ceyssens opens, and at the same time we say chears to the new year, using Judy’s words ‘a new year full of fresh, original and dynamic energy!’.
The show ‘In Store’ is then still on show in the back space of the gallery.

Buitenplaats Beeckestijn shows ‘Parasiet’

From the 12th of October untill the 31st of January ‘Parasiet’ will be on show at Buitenplaats Beeckestijn, Velsen-Zuid. The installation is part of the exhibition ‘Onze Bomen’ (Our Trees) that continues inside of the main-building. The garden is open from sunrise till sunset, free entrance. Feel welcome at Beeckesteijn, and enjoy the beautifull gardens!

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